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Is he most to be just a street bludger

This isn't the problem, Mr. Qiu, seeing to you hasn't cleared up the circumstance of situation in our school.It has been half month since accepting appointment the public notice releasesesed, the person who come and accept appointment is only a few, the teacher's resources tightly Bobby Orr Jersey lacks at present and even have the student of two classes and school begins haven't ascended Chinese lesson up to now, if spread and go out, will result in and influence much and greatly to the reputation of our school?I feel that this young man has much of a practical ability, he must be a suitable candidate."
Chiu is big strange to take out handkerchief not to stop to clean and polish a face sweat, "madam, the key is that he has a disposition to violence, I am afraid him will start to the innocent student."
"Start?Mr. Qiu pleases watch for your Cuo phrase, this young man isn't a criminal."Smith's madam coldly says.
The Chiu big strange beginning talked incoherently:"I, I am just worried that he has no from already check, hold up student's future prospects."
Follow an attitude strangely and Brad Marchand Jersey respectfullly from big Chiu up can see a Smith madam definitely has some powers at school, although don't know Smith's madam why always talks for he or she, if the words that don't make something of let  their oneselfs down too much.
"Madam, in fact I once did private tutor before, experience to me not a problem."Liao learns troops and horses up make statements freely without careful t, give oneself Anne ascend a son falsely the career of naught.
"You!But you don't have teacher David Pastrnak Jersey qualifications certificate!And also have no way proof, you have already been a teacher."Chiu is big strange to almost spring up to talk.
"Yes, I don't hope school because of employing the wrong person causes surprised condition occurrence."The old president also helps a chamber way.
Smith's madam ponders a burst of, kindly looking at Liao to learn a soldier to say:"Mr. president, I have a way for compromising.By 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, he can take out Gao Yi Dao, Gao San,'s language lesson handout to prove that he once was a teacher, we gave him trying out of a month term, Patrice Bergeron Jersey another at tried out and expect for a month can obtain a teacher qualifications certificate inside him, we decide to employ him."
"This ……not that all right?"The president is hesitant.
"Nothing important not okay, can not make the students miss class again.Say that I am board of directors in the school a pair again chairman, have the power decision how to employ an employee."
Even moved board of directors identities to come out, the president only compromised:"Smith's madam, only wish you are right."
The Chiu big strange in the mind calculates:"Is he most to be just a street bludger, will take out livelong three years of text handout in 1?Even if give him a month, he can teach good student?Only afraid complain to believe into a heap when the time comes, automatically Torey Krug Jersey resignation.Say again I somehow is also a Xun lead director, can also with back plan ……Hey Hey ……"thought of here, so do a helpless form, say:"Is all right, young man, I wait and see your performance."
Liao learns a soldier dark scold:"Old woman's of what Sou the idea, three years of handout, afraid not several 100,000 words, I a day, how to make out scene?Clear be the task that an isn't likely to complete.The teacher qualifications certificate can seek a leave still in interchange certificate trader the paste make, how to do handout?How to do?"Very and frustratedly say:"E, I fight for by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow to your handout.Take leave."
"Mr. president, Mr. director, my occupying is going out for a while, taking leave."Smith's madam also pushes door but.
On the spacious hallway, Smith's madam call lived Da to pull a head head Liao who doesn't return as well to learn a soldier.
"Dear Liao, Tuukka Rask Jersey I guess that you definitely forgot me.As for three year agos that matter, I have been thinking that personally says a thanks to you, you are an excellent young man."She good-natured smile, is like the kid who looking at to send to oneself's great and earnest hope.
"?"Liao learns a soldier startled don't understand, grasp back of the head to say:"Madam, three year agos what matter?"
"Believe me, you definitely go of, you will become a teacher."Smith's madam didn't answer face to face, on the contrary joke abundant encouragement he.
Liao learns a soldier only wry smile:"Madam, in fact I just said it's panic, I have never been a teacher and also have no where fear experience of a little.You put forward of hand over for three years, lesson originally the request of handout, I absolutely can not complete.

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