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   Karina Barba
Fit well .Quality appears decent . I will see ho it stands up over time
   Tawana Bolden-Brewer
My husband loves it. The size is expected
The quality looks great as well. received item quick.. . Thank you!
   Angela Palo
I have had several pairs over the years, and have always been pleased with the quality and comfort of these shorts. I just tossed out a pair that I have had for over 5 years because the waistband finally gave out.  For the price, I love them.  They are soft and fit great.
   Marideth Prado
Excellent item, very dependable. Great item for the price.
   Mari Amephil Jhoy Matugas
Loved the musical, love the movie!  Movie has a different take on the story... more about the storyline and less about the music, but still fascinating, still includes wonderful music and performances, and still well worth watching.  Can't wait for DVD to come out!!!
   Dhibi Kaies

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