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Necessary method for improvement of roller ring of trolley furnace

Increase expansion joint

  Four expansion joints are evenly opened on the roller ring in the circumferential direction, the gap of which is 4mm. The roller ring is evenly released by thermal expansion, which reduces the phenomenon of roller ring fracture. Compared with the design of the old roller ring, because there is no reserved expansion joint, the roller ring cannot expand in the circumferential direction, leading to the thermal expansion of the roller ring, and the occurrence rate of roller ring fracture is always high. Four 4mm expansion joints are designed After that, the phenomenon of roller ring fracture was reduced, and the service life was increased from 8 months to more than 1.5 years.

  Selection of roller ring material

  The roller ring of the trolley furnace is the place where the whole furnace roller is at the highest temperature. The exposed part is directly eroded by the harmful substances in the furnace atmosphere and bears the load of the billet. Therefore, we should not only consider its high temperature strength, but also consider the oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, long-term use does not produce or less catalytic phenomenon. As well as in the high temperature does not bond the scale and the cold processing performance and so on.
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