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Water ring vacuum pump with air ejector

Water ring vacuum pump with air ejector

The air ejector is a pre air ejector on the inlet pipe of the water ring vacuum pump. One end of the air ejector is open to the atmosphere. The air jet generated by the pressure difference between the negative pressure of the vacuum pump and the atmospheric pressure is used to obtain a lower suction pressure in the ejector than the vacuum pump, so as to eliminate the limitation of the "suction pressure" of the vacuum pump on the pressure improvement of the condenser. In practical application, it can be used to increase the pressure of equipment and expand its working range.

The suction area is in a vacuum state, the water after local vaporization rotates with the impeller, the pressure rises and the bubble breaks, and local cavitation occurs on the impeller surface. After the water ring vacuum pump is equipped with an air ejector, the air flow of the pump suction is greatly increased, and the pressure in the suction area of the vacuum pump is much higher than the "suction pressure" corresponding to the water ring water temperature. When the generator unit operates in winter, the pumping performance of the whole vacuum pump unit will be better, so the condenser vacuum can still be guaranteed at the current level or higher, but the internal vacuum degree of the equipment body is only At about 12kpa, the cavitation is effectively avoided, and the operation condition of the equipment is relatively stable, so the noise is smaller.

The cavitation of the vacuum pump after the installation of the air ejector can be effectively contained, that is, the service life of the equipment is extended, the operation reliability of the equipment is improved, and the safe operation of the unit is more guaranteed.

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