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When we drive to work, it's dark; when we're through for the day, it's dark again. But just like the screaming and shoving down in the pits, you get used to it.

I've been trading upstairs and in the pits of Chicago for the last 15 years. Getting up early never bothered me as much as how cold it gets in January -- ungodly cold. But I suppose that's just one more thing that separates the players from the pretenders in this high-stakes game we play.

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Although I've traded everything from equity and index options to futures and warrants, I've never stopped learning. If you ever think your education is complete, somebody else who's hungrier will figure out a better way and take your edge away.

Morning prep When I get into our offices at 7 a.m., our clerks already have been at work for about an hour. As we trade tens of thousands of options and 1-2 million shares of stock every trading day, it's extremely important to check our options and stock confirmations vs. what our computers say we've traded the pervious day. Mistakes in clearing of either stock or options could cost us thousands of dollars fast, so this trade-checking session is essential for us to start each day with the correct position.

Our main trading room -- the so-called war room -- is an octagon shaped room with 30 running feet of trading desk on the west wall and a 12-foot-by-12-foot conference table in the middle.

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