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In some cases, the bail amount may be returned to the individual after court proceedings are over, however, in most cases where bail bondsmen are used or in states that allow detainees to pay 10% of the bail amount in lieu of hiring a bail bondman, the fees are non-refundable.

Being out on bail through bail bonds, Bridgeport, CT (Connecticut) does not release an accused person from their responsibilities for facing the court regarding their actions. Bail simply allows them to remain at home and gives them the ability to go to work while awaiting their court date. For those who choose to skip their court appearance, they are not only subject to losing the money or property pledged against their bail but can also be brought up on additional charges for failing to appear in court. A bench warrant is often issued and the offender can be picked up at their home or place of employment and brought back to jail until their future court date.

The amount of bail bonds, Bridgeport Wholesale Dan Fouts Jersey , CT (Connecticut) required to get out of jail depends on the charges that have been brought against the individual. The more egregious the crime, the higher is the bail amount.
Under current U.S. laws, an offender has a right to receive bail unless the court can find sufficient reason to deny it. The reasons that a court and a judge and a court might deny bail are that:
1. There is a good chance that the accused will not appear in court.
2. There is evidence to suggest that the accused will commit additional offenses while out on bail.
3. There is reason to believe that the accused will intimidate or otherwise threaten witnesses while out on bail.
In addition, the court will weigh the seriousness of the crime as well as the character of the defendant before determining whether bail should be granted and for how much.

In some states, offenders can pay 10% of the Bridgeport CT (Connecticut) bail bonds themselves and be released on their own recognizance. However, in other states, offenders must engage the use of a bail bondsman to provide a surety bond to be released from jail. If a bondsman is used and the offender fails to appear in court, the bondsman may re-apprehend the offender himself or use a bounty hunter to locate the individual and bring him back to the jurisdiction where he faces charges.

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