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Selected water ring vacuum pump

Selected water ring vacuum pump

As for the water ring vacuum pump, to ensure its safe and stable operation, it is for power and stability. If it operates near the limit vacuum degree and Zui high exhaust pressure, the power of the vacuum pump is very low, and the operation is very unstable, so it is easy to have vibration and noise. And the water ring vacuum pump is easy to have cavitation phenomenon, resulting in damage to pump body, impeller and other parts, and even unable to work.

After having basic parameters, in the process of pump selection: if the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure required by the pump is not high, the single-stage pump can be selected preferentially; if the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure is high, the single-stage pump is often not satisfied, and it may be required that the pump still has large air extraction capacity and safe air extraction function under the condition of high vacuum degree, the double-stage pump can be selected.

If the vacuum degree is required to be more than - 710mmhg, the water ring pump unit of gas injector can be selected as the vacuum pumping equipment to improve the pumping speed of the equipment under low pressure and prevent the cavitation phenomenon of the water ring vacuum pump together. If it is only used for vacuum pump, it is better to choose single effect pump, with simple structure, easy protection and good cavitation resistance under high vacuum.

If still be used as compressor perhaps, choose double effect pump more appropriate. The double effect pump has the advantages of large air volume, small volume, active balance of radial force, less fatigue cracking of shaft and long service life.

Direct Coupled Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Water Ring Pump

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

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