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Vacuum unit used in rare metal metallurgy

Vacuum unit used in rare metal metallurgy

The process of vacuum system obtaining vacuum is called vacuumizing, also called vacuumizing or exhausting. The volume of gas pumped out per unit time under the specified air pressure is called pumping rate, i.e. pumping speed. It can also be called pump speed, and the unit is L / s. The minimum air pressure that a pump or a vacuum system can reach after exhausting for a long enough time is called ultimate vacuum degree

High vacuum condition is required for thin oil metallurgy. Therefore, a complete set of high vacuum unit equipped with mechanical pump and diffusion pump is often used. The vacuum can be pumped to 10-6pa in series with mechanical pump and booster pump. In order to further improve the vacuum degree, the adsorbent can be put in the working system or a cold well can be installed to absorb or condense the gas that has not been pumped out by the pump. Sometimes, the first level mechanical booster pump and unit are added In series or parallel connection, to improve the pumping capacity in a certain vacuum range.

In the high vacuum unit, the mechanical pump can reduce the air pressure from one atmospheric pressure, which is called the front stage pump; the diffusion pump can only pump from the lower air pressure to the lower air pressure, which is called the secondary pump. The air pressure at which the secondary pump starts to work is called the pre vacuum or pre vacuum. The best pumping speed of each kind of vacuum pump is corresponding to a certain inlet pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate a reasonable vacuum unit in order to obtain the best vacuum efficiency. An unreasonable configuration will not only cause waste, but also cause the vacuum degree of the air system to fail to meet the expected requirements.

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